Into My Heart by Elaine Sampson
Spcriptures and Prayers For a Hope-Filled Life

During her journey with late-stage breast cancer Elaine Sampson was impressed to begin working
on a CD of Scripture and prayer. Her ardent desire was that its words would bring comfort, hope
and encouragement to others. Hoping to see her project come to fruition, she prayerfully selected
the Scriptures and prayers that now comprise this recording. Into My Heart
includes nearly 250 Bible verses and 15 prayers arranged by theme, with the prayers
set to soothing piano music. These inspiring and well-loved Scriptures are sure to
bring reassurance to the listener’s heart.

Into My Heart by Elaine Sampson

Scripture Themes:

1. The Word of God (including Opening Prayer)
2. The Nature of God
3. How Near, Valuable and Intimately Known We Are to God
4. The Blessings of Receiving Jesus Christ As Our Savior and Lord
5. Living With a Christ-Like Mind, Heart and Attitude
6. God: Our Strength, Our Sufficiency and Our Sustainer
7. Divine Help, Mercy and Protection
8. When We Need Guidance
9. Encouragement For Seasons of Anxiety, Loneliness, Depression and Fear
10. Help to Trust and Experience Peace, Hope and Contentment
11. When In Need of Healing
12. Patience, Waiting and Rest
13. Reassurance During Trials
14. The Joy of Eternity


Elaine Sampson

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